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Forbidden Fruit: Why America Can't Have The Suzuki Jimny

The Jimny is a venerable off-roader that Americans can only love from afar, but what's stopping it from coming to the US?

The Apple Car - A $10 Billion Failure

Go to for 60% off!With $10 billion spent, Apple's secretive car project has been cancelled, but what went wrong, and why did they want to make a car? In this episode we find out the confusion and chaos behind the scenes. Sources: ColdFusion Podcast: @ThroughTheWeb ColdFusion Music: @ColdFusionmusic Get my book: ColdFusion Socials: Dagogo Altraide Writers: Tawsif Akkas, Dagogo AltraideEditors: Brayden Laffrey

13 Pricey Sports Cars and Their Affordable Alternatives

Porsche recently unveiled the latest iteration of the quintessential sports car – the 992.2-gen Porsche 911. We predict you’ll be hearing a lot about this sports car for a long time. Even folks who’ve never seen the inside of the car will have plenty to say about the 911’s departure from its traditional naturally-aspirated flat-sixes to a hybrid drive system. It marks the first time in over six decades that Porsche would equip a road-going 911 with a hybrid powertrain. It probably won’t matter what you think of this shift if you can’t fork over around $115,000 to get one. It doesn’t have to be a sad reality, though. There’s always an Emira for every Evija: A 370Z for every 8 Series. Indeed, the market brims with alternatives that capture these elite sports cars’ spirit, performance, and excitement at a fraction of the cost.

What Happened To Duesenberg Motors Company?

Duesenberg Motors Company once manufactured championship race cars and luxurious, cutting edge automobiles. So, why did the success come to an end?

Study Finds New Reason Why Electric Vehicles May Fuel Climate Crisis in the Future

Study Finds New Reason Why Electric Vehicles May Fuel Climate Crisis in the Future

8 Electric Vehicles That May Last You Twice as Long as the Average Car

While the electric vehicle industry has advanced significantly in recent years, it is still regarded as being in its early stages of development. Despite the advantages of energy-efficient travel,...

Excellent used cars to buy today from just $1500

With our complete guide, you'll never be short of inspiration for your next second-hand buy

Toyota to soon welcome first residents to its autonomous 'smart city' featuring new green technologies: 'Innovations that will redefine the future of mobility'

"A swarm of different technologies are beginning to radically change how we inhabit and navigate our cities." Toyota to soon welcome first residents to its autonomous 'smart city' featuring new green technologies: 'Innovations that will redefine the future of mobility' first appeared on The Cool Down.

The M1 Carbine: The Most Prolific American Small Arm of World War Two

The M1 Carbine is one of the most recognizable military firearms in the world. Here's an overview of how it works, and how you can own one today.

Audi RS6 Replacement Won't Make The Same Mistake As The BMW M5

Previous spy shots of a widebody wagon have turned out to be of the upcoming A7 allroad. THIS is the next RS7, we promise.

Dave Ramsey Says Millionaires Drive These 10 Cars: Are They Worth the Price?

First things first: Who is Dave Ramsey, anyway? He’s just America’s favorite financial guru, New York Times bestselling author, TV Show host, and nationally syndicated radio personality. The man has nearly one million followers on X (formerly Twitter), so when he talks, people listen. Last month, Mr. Ramsey made an X post that particularly reverberated in the automotive world. The post implied that contrary to common perception, millionaires don’t drive flashy cars. Without going into details about where he got his data, Ramsey made a list of the top ten car brands driven by millionaires, and there was not a Rolls-Royce, Bentley, or Lamborghini represented. If you live in upper-middle-class neighborhoods where parking lots are dotted with Teslas and Maseratis, you might find Ramsey’s claims a bit too hard to swallow. That’s a debate for another time. Today, we focus on determining if the cars on Ramsey’s list are worth their prices.

America’s largest economy is falling out of love with Tesla—and it’s only going to get worse

Sales of EVs are overrepresented in the Golden State and numbers are down 17% so far this year.

10 Practical Cars That Are Secretly Supercars

Supercars advertise their performance, but these understated daily cars go about their business discreetly not boasting about their unfettered power

Is the 2024 Ineos Grenadier a better SUV than a Toyota Land Cruiser?

The Grenadier is a unique SUV from Ineos. On the outside of the Fieldmaster you will be greeted by a very old school appearance, off-road spec wheels, snorkel and extra lighting. On the inside you will be greeted by Recaro seats, and a infotainment system combines with digital gauge cluster. Under the hood is a 3.0L turbocharged inline-6 mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Is the 2024 Ineos Grenadier a better SUV than a Toyota Land Cruiser? **Please click the link to get your Raiti's Rides Merch! videography: Steven Flood 🎥

Remembering America's Long Lost Supercar

One of the most futuristic supercars from the past, this is the story of the outrageously wild Vector W8 and why it never took off

How EV Charger Hacking Threatens Personal Data and the Power Grid

Electric vehicle chargers are plagued with security flaws that could expose sensitive data and—in a worst-case scenario—bring down power grids. WSJ reveals how chargers can be hacked and what it will take to make them more secure. Photo illustration: Preston Jessee

6 Foreign Cars That Lose Their Value Right Off the Lot

One of the oddest things about buying a new car may be how quickly it loses much of its value. According to CNBC, a car loses about 10% of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. That shoots to 50% after three years.

10 Crazy Fast Sports Cars From The 2000s

The 2000s produced many fast sports cars, but these ten stand out as the fastest and wildest creations from various manufacturers.

Ford to spend $3 billion to expand large truck production to a plant previously set for EVs

DETROIT — Ford Motor will expand production of its large Super Duty trucks to a Canadian plant that was previously set to be converted into an all-electric vehicle hub.

NASCAR News: Hybrid Manufacturer Could Join The Grid

NASCAR is considering a shift to hybrid power systems, with the possibility of adding a new manufacturer.

How a Trump presidency could ‘rock’ the EV market — and bring Tesla prices way down

Tesla and other electric-vehicle makers stand to face major price competition if Donald Trump wins the presidential election and opens the U.S. to cars produced by Chinese manufacturers.

Startup raises eyebrows with game-changing prototype for electric tractors: 'We had to rethink the tractor entirely'

"We don't just replace a thermal engine with an electric motor." Startup raises eyebrows with game-changing prototype for electric tractors: 'We had to rethink the tractor entirely' first appeared on The Cool Down.

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Tested: Is It the Real Deal?

The new 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser sets out on a different path. We venture into the wilds of Utah to find out if it's the right one.

The 10 cars most likely to be stolen in your state used the National Insurance Crime Bureau's vehicle theft trend data to find the most frequently stolen cars in each state.

The 1969-’71 Lincoln Continental Mark III Is Surprisingly Easy To Buy And Maintain Today

The critics may have panned it, the focus group may have given it a thumbs-down, but the Lincoln Continental Mark III was a success by the one measurement that counted: production numbers. Lincoln would build a total of 79,381 Mark IIIs over its 1969-’71 run, stealing customers away from archrival Cadillac in the process. Buyers liked… The post The 1969-’71 Lincoln Continental Mark III Is Surprisingly Easy To Buy And Maintain Today appeared...

Company unveils tiny, pedal-powered semitruck — and its electric features could revolutionize sustainable transportation

With a frame that's only about 3 feet wide, the ePack is narrow enough to fit in most bike lanes. Company unveils tiny, pedal-powered semitruck — and its electric features could revolutionize sustainable transportation first appeared on The Cool Down.

The 9 Worst Cars To Buy Your Teenager Even If You Can Afford Them

For those with the financial wherewithal, buying a teenager their first car is an exceptionally nice gesture. While a child may want to assert their independence and establish their own identity, your...

13 Most Memorable Cars From Hollywood Classics

Hollywood and cars go hand in hand. Some are obvious, such as the Fast & Furious franchise. Others, like Thelma & Louise or the Blues Brothers, have carefully chosen cars, but they aren’t the stars. We’ve listed 13 of the most memorable cars that appeared in Hollywood classics. This list is certainly not exhaustive — we could easily have found 50.

2024 Rolls-Royce Ghost Proves a Frighteningly Effective Head-Turner

It’s also a proper four-door sedan designed and built to be driven “in” as much as driven “by” the owner

15 Used Cars To Avoid at All Costs

Buying used is smart, but not if you choose one of these models.

This Kenyan startup is at the forefront of Africa’s EV revolution

BasiGo wants to replace all of Kenya’s public transport with electric vehicles. It currently manufactures electric buses in Nairobi and is now exporting to Rwanda.

The car that's most likely to be stolen in America, based on data—and one that's least likely to be stolen

Using data from the Highway Loss Data Institute, compiled the most and least stolen cars as of 2023.

Junkyard Discoveries of Ulibarri’s Auto Towing Service in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Just because this isn't the famous Las Vegas, don't be mislead into thinking that this town has nothing to show. Join us for a tour within Ulibarri's auto service where interesting cars are left to perish

The Cars Of Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby was a larger-than-life character known the world over for his work on the Shelby S/C Cobra, the Shelby G.T. 350 Mustang and his work with the legendary Ford GT40. From 1965 to 1973, Shelby and the Ford Motor Company were fairly intertwined with performance and business dealings. But did you know he was… The post The Cars Of Carroll Shelby appeared first on The Online Automotive Marketplace.

20 Vehicles that Will Last More than 200,000 Miles

A study of more than 13.5 million cars was conducted to find out which models offered the longest-lasting cars. Take a look and see the winners.

China’s 50 cents driverless taxi revolution sparks economic and safety debates

Wuhan, the bustling city in central China with over 11 million residents, is becoming a global hotspot for driverless technology. Thanks to Apollo Go, a subsidiary of tech giant Baidu (BIDU), self-driving taxis are now a reality in the city. Offering six-mile rides for just 50 cents, these autonomous vehicles are setting the stage for Wuhan to pote...

Youtubers Pushed Six Electric Vehicles to Their Limit; Which One Had the Most Range?

Who lasted the longest?

Elon Musk’s crusade against California is seeing Tesla sales in the Golden State plummet while demand for Rivian EVs soar

Musk does not appear to be doing Tesla any favors by constantly agitating against left-leaning issues popular among his mainly progressive customers.

Operating electric vehicles in extreme heat

Andrew Garberson with Recurrent talks on how well electric vehicles work in hot weather and better ways to protect your vehicle this Summer. (07-03-2024) Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Last Hemi V8-Powered Ram 1500 Turned Into Viper-Inspired Supertruck

The sports truck features aggressive styling, lowered suspension, and paintwork inspired by the Viper. What a way to say goodbye to the V8.

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid in Acidic Blast

We loved the Toyota Corolla Cross when it first came out, but now it can be had in a hybrid – and with more power! It goes up from 169HP in the gas model to 196 in the hybrid. And, you get the choice of some fun colors, like this Acidic Blast with a black roof. We love that the black badging and sporty look – not what you think of in a hybrid. Get the full story at Ready to shop for this vehicle? Use our car shopping program: #toyota #corollacrosshybrid #hybrid #hatchback And follow us on social media!

Ford CEO says American car buyers need to break this addiction

The American "affordable EV" is coming, but don't expect it to be the kind of American car you're used to.

Interesting Junkyard Finds from, Grimsley, Tennessee Antique Auto Parts is a private salvage yard in Tennessee

6 Special Edition Dodge Trucks You'd Be Lucky To See On The Road Today

Some special edition Dodge truck variants are incredibly hard to find, and age isn't the only factor.

Trump open to Chinese EV factories in the US, but with some conditions

Former President Donald Trump would allow Chinese EV makers to build U.S. factories, provided they are built and staffed by American workers.

2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is NEW and here now!

We spent a few days in the new C 300 and fell hard for its baby-S-Class tech, comfort and luxury, not to mention a fun-to-drive sedan experience! #cclass #mercedesbenz #c300 The modernized driver cockpit inherited a lot of technology and aesthetics from the newly designed S-Class revealed in 2021. The infotainment, gauge cluster and user experience system is all new. This means less buttons, no more touch pad, and a cleaner interior overall. The tilted vertical media screen is the central point for all climate, media, and settings for the C300. While it may take you a minute to get used to not having touch controls for something like the dual automatic climate, I adapted quickly and fell in love with its simplicity. The new C-Class comes in three trim levels: Premium, Exclusive and Pinnacle. The vehicle I drove for two days was a Pinnacle trim with every option you could want, so I was happily spoiled. The C-Class Premium trim comes nicely equipped with the new generation MBUX infotainment and voice control system, new displays and finger print sensor technology. Heated front seats, leather steering wheel, LED lighting, sunroof and 18" wheels are also standard. The Exclusive trim ads active parking assistance, surround view camera, enhanced ambient lighting, and wireless charging plus an astonishingly good Burmester 3D Surround System. The top Pinnacle trim adds navigation, head-up display and augmented video for navigation. My test model had the optional plush Nappa leather seating and AMG Line cosmetic additions. Ready to shop for this vehicle? Use our car shopping program:

Your coffee run has new benefits if you own an electric car

Electric car charging will get a whole lot easier.

I Bought a 2024 Tesla EV — Here’s 14 Things They Don’t Tell You

Bought it, tried it myself, and here's what to know.

The new hot truck comes from Japan and looks like a toy

Measuring about half the length of a Ford F-150, Kei trucks look almost like toys in comparison to your standard pickup truck. But for a car so tiny, you might be surprised at the massive following that they command.

13 Modern Cars Destined To Become Valuable Collectibles

Snag them now while they're affordable.